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What is an IT Audit?

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ADVANTESCO's IT audits are conducted using standard security controls, frameworks, and industry best practices. These audits provide insight into potential gaps in processes and procedures in technology environments. Our consultants provide expert opinions on how adequate controls are designed and how efficiently they are working. With this information, your organization will be able to make changes to your administrative, physical, and technical controls to better meet your business goals, reduce risk, and save money.

An ADVANTESCO IT Audit identifies risks and provides recommendations for addressing these risks, helping organizations to make informed decisions about enhancing their overall information security program. Our team can help protect your organization’s information systems, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and provide insights to leverage IT controls to reduce your costs and gain competitive advantage.

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When to perform an IT Audit?


After Completion of a New Project

Give your new project the best chance to survive.


Adding a New Service

Introducing a new web app or hosting environment can introduce new vulnerabilities.


Needing Help with Compliance Regulations

Are there rules or regulations that require you to receive an annual audit?


Vendor Management

Your organization is only as secure as its 3rd party vendors.

During the Audit

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ADVANTESCO uses the information gathered from the interviews to help validate the controls described in policies and procedures. Once the controls have been reviewed, they are then assessed to determine whether they are meeting the intended purpose as described in the policies and procedures.

ADVANTESCO consultants will interview an array of employees throughout various departments (i.e., HR, IT, Compliance) in an organization. These interviews deliver insight that goes beyond technology and into the heart of the business.

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