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We offer customized support contracts with agreed service level agreements for things like response time and turnaround of repairs, emergency hardware loans, and more. We can also provide first, second, and third-line remote and onsite support for your end-users and technical teams, so everyone has access to the expertise they need. We can solve your problems remotely or in person. If a site visit is necessary, our business technology consultants will show up at your door.

Support and management
Our bespoke support contracts can be tailored to your requirements and in-house capabilities, including Apple and Peplink, infrastructure, and VoIP. They can cover: phone, email, remote and onsite support, service level agreements, guaranteed response and break-fix times, discovery days, and regular ‘health checks’ to spot problems before they arise, as well as full outsourced IT teams.

Reduced capital and operating expenses thanks to our fixed pricing for one, two, or three years of support management.

ADVANTESCO is a certified Apple support provider and proud member of the Apple Certified Professionals network. We specialize in providing Apple/Mac support services to the business community.

Our highly trained Apple Certified engineers provide support for all Mac environments as well as hybrid Apple/Windows networks. We also provide support for all the iOS products that your business is using.

As experts in the integration and support of Apple and Windows platforms, our passionate UAE-based engineers ensure your business reaps the best of both platforms without sacrificing functionality or performance.

We specialize in the macOS platform, networking, mobile technology, and other core systems that Apple products rely on to operate smoothly, efficiently, and securely in the business environment. When you call ADVANTESCO for MAC support, you’ll know you’re getting highly qualified technicians that know how to make the products you use work!

As Peplink distributor and certified Peplink Partner with its own NOC Center, we focus on helping Peplink customers manage and get the most from the Peplink investments.

Our ADVANTESCO NOC Center combines superior information technology and Peplink skills with proven Peplink tools and methodology designed to deliver value, mitigate risk, and optimize capabilities across your organization.

You can count on
Access to certified and highly trained Peplink technical and functional experts when needed
Stable Peplink environments and service-level agreements that provide peace of mind
Support during and after business hours

We are committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support with a single objective in mind: your success.

SLA for network infrastructure can help you by offloading management responsibility to our team of network experts who can often execute tasks more effectively and cost-efficiently.
From our Network Operations Center (NOC), we remotely monitor and proactively identify potential system failures before disruptions to critical operations occur. Our NOC engineers can diagnose and resolve critical network problems before they arise – 24 x 7 x 365.

We help you with
Collect network performance and utilization information to support service level agreements
Identify network elements responsible for performance degradation
Determine required network changes to improve performance or support increasing demands
Enable automated responses to performance problems

Voice is a mission-critical application in a company. VoIP sessions must transport telephony or "voice" data as a continuous or near-continuous stream to ensure each side of the voice conversation sounds natural, not jittery, and free from discernible drop-offs or echo.

To keep your equipment up and to run, we offer affordable maintenance packages for your business. We have a team of expert engineers who would take care of your system.

Your support. Your way.

Our team can provide first, second and third line support, and instant remote support for end users and techs.

Remote support, plus an agreed number of days when you can summon us to fix issues onsite.

One of our team visits your place regularly to perform maintenance – this can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other schedule.

You can have dedicated engineers on site, working with your team. This can be for a fixed period or an ongoing arrangement.

We act as your IT department, providing support, systems monitoring, inventory patching and user administration.

ADVANTESCO can help you with emergency IT support, whether you’re an existing customer with an after-hours emergency or a new customer with a server that just bit the dust. Our in-person business technology consultants have a 4-hour on-site guarantee (although they usually arrive within an hour)

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