ADVANTESCO Corporate Statement

Solutions straight to the point

 Build lasting relationships

Following our corporate principle "Solutions straight to the point” we strive to deliver all our projects in time and within our customer’s budget and work towards a long-lasting business relationship with our esteemed clients.

ADVANTESCO combines three decades of leading technological expertise with 10+ years of GCC and Middle East experience. We meld the prime of European know-how with the most Advanced Technology Solutions developed in Silicon Valley and abroad.

Our team of professionals provides all the resources and capabilities required to assess, design, build, and manage modern IT environments. We ensure our clients receive the best service in the region by being creative, functional, simplistic, and affordable and by strictly adhering to honesty and integrity as the building blocks of success. 

Our Vision

Being Creative, Functional, Innovative and Affordable.

Our Objective

Simplifying every day life through State of the Art Technology Solutions.

Our Mission

Developing the most creative designs and bringing ultimate product functionality to the market by keeping ease of use on the forefront and encouraging employees, partners and clients to share their best ideas for making our solutions affordable to the world.

Our Values

Using honesty and integrity as the building blocks of success.

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