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We, as an Apple expert, working closely with the Apple team to provide expert planning, consulting, and support for managed technology solutions for a range of clients and projects, from enterprise-class installations and Data Center setup's right through to small to medium business operations. We have the expertise to provide the best solutions for your individual needs. Every assessment is designed individually for each client. No two are alike because no two company's needs are alike.

Apple's innovative products are sweeping the business world, as companies throughout the country switch to using the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. With innovative hardware, software, and services that deliver fantastic user experience, Apple empowers today's modern workforce to do something truly great. Learn how easy it is to integrate Apple devices into your business environment.

Apple iMac and Laptop

We can offer a large variety of business-focused professional services and solutions:

  • Desktop management

  • Windows on a Mac

  • Content delivery and security

  • Mobile device management

  • Network management

  • Smooth Deployment

  • Shipping solution

  • Support

Apple products work seamlessly with key infrastructure services like Microsoft Exchange for email and calendars, as well as wireless networks and VPN solutions from providers like Cisco. And when employees switch from another device to Apple, built-in migration from Windows or Android makes moving their data simple.

Mac is a powerful, secure, and flexible system for your business. From sending emails and scheduling right through to creating stunning business presentations and documents, Mac lets users do everything they need right out of the box.

What are the benefits?

Amazing Hardware
Whatever your business environment and needs, the Mac lineup has an option to fit the bill. From notebooks with all-day battery life to powerful desktop computers, every Mac is built to give you smoother graphics, faster storage, and great all-round performance.

Advanced OS
MacOS is the powerful operating system driving every Mac. Fantastically intuitive and easy to use, it has tons of features built-in designed to save time and give you better results.

Reduced ongoing Support Costs
Macs are far easier to self-service than PCs, so if minor issues crop up, users are often able to fix the problem themselves. IBM says only 5% of their Mac users need help desk support, compared to 40% of their PC users. It saves on time, manpower, and operational costs, and leaves your IT team free to get on with more complicated task

Reduced Electricity Bill
Because Apple makes both the hardware and operating system, they’re both designed to work together to save energy. Apple is the only manufacturer whose entire desktop and notebook range meet EPA’s ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold standards for better energy usage. For example, a Mac mini uses less power than a single 13 watt CFL lightbulb.

Fewer Viruses and Malware
Mac computers are built on a UNIX foundation which makes them virtually virus and spyware-free, and saves you time and money on IT support. Their advanced built-in security measures also include app-based firewalls, VPN clients, strong encryption tools and integrated internet security.

Seamless Windows Integration
You get native support for both Apple and Windows-based networks, so you can use your existing PC environments without any compatibility issues, and get support for Microsoft Exchange Server out of the box.

Running Windows on a Mac
As well as all the benefits of macOS, including Apple’s own productivity suite (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), you can also run Windows on a Mac. This means your end users can get all their familiar Windows tools on an Apple machine, and employees can get the most out of software.

Residual Value
Mac has an excellent reputation when it comes to the total cost of ownership (TCO). Apple’s software gets regular updates for free, and the hardware itself is as resilient and hard-wearing as it is good looking.

Cheaper Software and OS Upgrades
If you’re using an up to date Mac, you’ll find that upgrading your operating system (macOS) and productivity software (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), is entirely free.

Unlimited Client Server License
Mac Pro makes a great dedicated server, and the best thing is there is no individual client license for an Apple managed solution. You just purchase an unlimited client license for the whole organisation and don’t have to worry about buying any more licenses as the business expands.

From the boardroom to the server room, the iPad is designed to deliver everything business users need to do their best work. With a simple, intuitive interface, powerful built-in features, and rock-solid stability, iPad provides the foundation to drive productivity in game-changing ways.

What are the benefits?

Collaboration and Communication
With FaceTime included and a range of conferencing apps available, iPad makes it easy for on-the-road employees to check in with the office, attend key meetings and presentations, or even present remotely. There are also plenty of collaborative tools included, from scheduling tools to the iCloud backup service, which allows you to share content seamlessly between devices and locations.

Improved Customer Experience
With an increasing number of service desk apps available on iPad, it’s easier than ever for staff to access customer records, carry out more comprehensive CRM and respond more quickly to queries, wherever they are.

Four Levels of Security
iPad has four types of security:
Device - including passcode, timeout periods and device restrictions such as app downloading
Network - secure WiFi and cellular access, and integration with a broad range of VPN technologies for protecting sensitive information.
Data - built-in hardware encryption using AES 256-bit encoding for preventing data being accessed when the device is locked.
Platform - all apps are put under the microscope and ‘sandboxed’, stopping them accessing data in other applications.

Managed, Secured, Back-up
When it comes to admin, there is an increasing number of mobile device management solutions available that will make it easy for your team to manage, sync, enforce security protocol, back up, or even wipe sensitive data on mobile devices.

Better Employee Engagement
While there’s no denying that apps play a big part in driving productivity on iPad, the simple fact is that workers are more likely to engage with a device that’s fun, simple to use, easy to customise and that they feel real ownership over – all of which iPad delivers in spades.

Employee Retention
iPad helps boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction (who doesn’t enjoy using an iPad?), without making things too complex for your IT team, which in turn improves all-round employee retention.

Small Learning Curve
From an end-user point of view, the iPad is incredibly easy to use and has a far lower learning curve than a laptop or PC, meaningless disgruntled end-users, and fewer calls to the IT team.

iPhone has been making serious waves in the world of business recently, thanks to significant benefits, including iOS’ tight security, productivity features, and apps, as well as the desirability factor of the hardware.

If you’re ready to go down the same route in deploying iPhone in your own business, we can help you buy iPhone outright, rather than having to be tied to a carrier with set usage allowances. We’re an Apple expert, with experience rolling out thousands of iPhone to business, as well as having our own in-house app development, repairs, and solutions teams. Find out more about iPhone for business and our iPhone services below.

What are the benefits?

iOS Platform
On top of being beautifully designed, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is also incredibly simple to use. Built-in communication features such as iMessage, FaceTime and Mail help you keep in contact with clients and colleagues wherever you are, AirPlay lets you present from anywhere, all while Touch ID lets you safeguard your critical data with just a fingerprint.

Apps for Business
As well as communication apps, every iPhone comes with a powerful set of apps that are great for a business built right in, such as Calendar, Contacts, and Maps. The App Store is also home to thousands of apps that are designed specifically for business, from analysis apps to productivity apps, and we even have an in-house team who have experience developing apps for businesses, including sales tools and more, so can tailor an app specifically to your business needs.

Device Integration
One of the most significant benefits of the iPhone for business is how it works within Apple’s ecosystem, syncing with Mac and iPad. Continuity features include Handoff, which lets you start a document, email, or message on one device and pick up where you left off on another device. So whether your employees are also using Mac notebooks, iPad, or Apple Watch along with their iPhone, all their content and data can be synced between all Apple devices for a seamless workflow.

Business Systems Integration
With the iPhone, you never have to be away from your business systems. Most business applications (such as CRM, ERP, analytics and more) now integrate very well with iOS, so your employees can log into key systems and carry on working while they’re away from their desks. iPhone’s built-in support for key enterprise tech means it will almost always fit in with your existing infrastructure.

Fast Deployment
Rolling out iPhone to your business is quick and straightforward, letting IT teams deploy with zero-touch, whether they’re managing corporate-owned or BYOD devices. Because the setup process is so simple, employees can get up and running and accessing all your corporate services straight away. Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP) also lets IT teams automate MDM enrolment for corporate-owned devices, wireless configuring, and supervising devices while also automating and locking MDM enrolment.

Solutions for Industries

Technology can cause untold stress when not working as it should. We support your small business system. Our team will assist in designing, set-up, manage, and maintains your solution, which will be secure, reliable, and resilient, with an eye to the future. 

We can help you with a variety of services, including:
- Configuration of the storage system
- Data migration assistance
- Small business network design: Multi-PC set-up, mobile synchronisation, remote access, NAS (Network-Attached Storage)
- Wireless Network planning and implementation for improved mobility
- Backup / Restore Services to keep your data safe and secure

What is your next move? Technology changes rapidly. It is challenging to stay on top of the latest tools, standards, processes that can be leveraged to give your business a strategic advantage.

We help businesses with a variety of services including:

Managed Services
Outsourcing service where we handle their IT operational needs

Network Management
Planning and implementation of Wireless Network and Managed Networks

Mobile Device Management
Remote control and management of Business devices

Backup & Disaster Recovery
Backup / Restore Services to keep your data safe and secure

We have the freedom to provide the best solutions for your individual needs. Every assessment is designed individually for each client. No two are alike because no two company's needs are alike. 

Through our inquiries, we find out how your current technology is working for you. We talk with you about goals. We look at the tasks you and your staff do in your work. We review not only what you do but how you do it, and we consider how technically adept your team is. We talk with you about your budgets and about where you plan to be in three years or five years. We help you prepare for the long term, and we help you get the most from every technology dollar you spend. We help you plan for minimum intrusion from technology so you can focus on the work at hand, not on the tools you use to do the job.

We understand the needs of teaching and support staff alike. We offer you support in the seamless introduction, integration, and support of Apple’s wealth of educational solutions. Whether you are looking to introduce 2 or 2,000 devices, we have got the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Examples of the ways we can support learning in your school include:
- Providing advice and guidance on the use of Apple technologies in future focused education
- Integrating Apple technology effectively into modern learning environments
- Technical infrastructure to support your school’s vision
- Using specific devices and applications to promote engagement and interaction in learning
- Personalised learning options — catering to the client’s needs
- Enhancing the learning process through programs and courses using Apple devices

If you are in need of assistance relating to your Apple deployment projects, be it 1:1 or BYOD, contact us to see how we can assist your school or organisation. 

Thinking of integrating Macintosh PC's in a Windows or Linux surrounding? Or already integrated, but it's not working smoothly?

We can help to decipher the current status and guide in decision-making. It's about finding the solution that would make everyone's life easier - and that just happened to be often from Apple.

Not only are Apple devices built with the best hardware and software, it's also designed to work seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad. Productivity has also never been better on Apple devices with a new generation of apps for business. And OS X makes it easy for IT to deploy at scale. 

Here some advantages
No viruses - Viruses are almost non-existent
Device Quality - Mac line of computers are of high quality
Feature Back to my Mac - Excellent built-in feature of the Mac operating system - access to your home hard drive
Airplay - with a single click on any application and show the screen on a TV or projector
Unified cloud-based syncing - Apple offers iCloud for all iOS and Mac devices
Thunderbolt - Double transfer rates compared to USB 3
Lower Support costs - OS X users need less support

ADVANTESCO competency on Apple technologies enables your business to benefit from a mixed-platform IT environment. We provide multi-platform support, including setting up and configuring networks, integration, data, and asset management, plus much more. Migrate, sync, back-up, our Apple expertise allows you to achieve higher business performance, productivity, and efficiencies

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