Poynting - WaveHunter Extreme 

The most advanced and fastest cellular antenna for Seamless Connectivity

Connected Beyond Limits

WaveHunter is such a breakthrough in the cellular antenna space. The WaveHunter is meant for those willing to challenge the status quo!

Those who want to do things, achieve things, and conquer things that have never been seen before! The WaveHunter is meant for businesses and individual people to go beyond a connected life!

WaveHunter will provide the smoothest, furthest from shore, and highest throughput cellular internet connection available in the market. See our webinar and meet the product which was missing to change the landscape of 4G/5G connectivity offshore.

Seamless Connectivity

Multiple LTE / 5G Streams
at Long Range

High Throughput

Worldwide Frequency
Coverage 617 – 4200 MHz

WaveHunter Product Launch Webinar

Presented by Hugo Carvalho and Eduard Walker on 20 April 2022.
Connected beyond limits - WaveHunter Product Launch Webinar

Six 4 x 4 MIMO Marine & Coastal Antenna Array

The WaveHunter enclosures are designed to fit a variety of router and networking modules, transforming the antenna enclosure into a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) – just add your own LTE/5G routers and networking equipment.

The WaveHunter enclosure can accommodate routers up to the size of 250 x 150 x 50 mm.


Certified VAD’s installers/technicians are needed for installation and commissioning needed.

WaveHunter Sea trials

Please email us at poynting@advantesco.com for more information on the Narwhal series of antennas.

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