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Digital security architecture can be approached the same way. Your gate is a sophisticated firewall that only allows passage to those with the specific code. Your front door is an advanced fingerprint reader that further limits access to business data. We call this “Two-Factor Authentication” or 2FA for short.

This kind of digital architecture can be customized in countless ways to suit your security needs. We will work with you to develop architectural solutions based on cybersecurity hardware and software packages that suit your needs. This framework can be upgraded and refined as your business grows, and new threats emerge.

While digitizing has revolutionized how we engage and consume information, it has also put us at risk. Any data is valuable. Any organization or institution is now obligated to protect their customers and employees’ information, which they do by first safeguard their infrastructure. Information is valuable, making unprotected devices and wireless networks a prime target.

We’ll provide you with expert knowledge, whether the best antivirus or firewall solution for your business, provide critical network support and excellent tech service.

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Common Types of Network Attacks

Without the proper protection, your data is vulnerable. The common types of cyber attacks include:

Someone has gained access to data paths in your network to “listen in” or access sensitive information.

A data security breach takes place. After the information is stolen, its altered without the knowledge of the sender or user.

An IP address is rerouted using a special program, allowing the attacker to delete or steal your data at will.

When cyber criminals attempt to steal passwords, user names, and credit card information by disguising themselves as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication, it’s called phishing. Educating your personnel to identify phishing scams is one of the best preventative security measures you can employ. Secure connections and data encryption can further support your security.

Cyber criminals use this variety of malware to lock users out of their devices or block essential files until they pay a sum of money to reverse the affect. However, payment is not a guarantee that the affect will be reversed and the cyber criminal often ends up with the user’s personal information or credentials. Ransomware is often embedded in emails as a harmless attachment, and can even appear in websites that seem reputable. There are a number of useful tools to prevent falling victim to ransomware.

If you’re worried about cyber threats, the experts at ADVANTESCO will conduct a comprehensive review of your company’s security infrastructure. Discovering where you’re most vulnerable will help us create a customized cybersecurity solution designed to minimize risk and enhance productivity. You focus on your business and let our cybersecurity team ensure your entire IT framework is protected.

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