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Centrally located in the UAE, ADVANTESCO provides safe, reliable, and continuous on-time service to its expanding partner base in the Middle Easter, African and Indian markets. Delivering Peplink devices and trainings as a Full-service distributor with warehouse helps you grow your sales.

We specialise in the various services and IT solutions to fit the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service, handling the solutions with the care and sense of urgency that your business demands.

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Secure Mobility
Providing world’s first intrinsically safe, Zone1/Div1 classified, GSM based mobile smart devices is a key factor.

The Push-To-Talk solution delivers instant plant wide coordination across all carriers. Professional grade Intrinsically Safe audio accessories enable clear Push-to-Talk communications in the loudest environments, even for workers needing hearing protection.

They are resistant to petroleum, lubricants, anti-freeze and other common chemicals. Workers who must wear protective gloves can still use their phone with confidence. Operation in temperatures from 20 ° C to +55 ° C and vibration resistance suitable for use in drilling operations contribute to extreme reliability on the oil or gas field.

Why check your cell phone at the gate? There’s never been a better time to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency while reducing costs by replacing radio systems with high performance multi-mode solution. 

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Orbital Eye

Solving today's challenges
Pipeline operators facing numerous challenges: how to monitor hundreds to thousands of kilometers of pipelines in a fast and cost-effective way? How to detect threats in an early stage, both in crowded or completely deserted areas? How to prioritize inspection activities sensibly and sustainably? How to make monitoring independent from weather conditions?

Orbital Eye aims to solve these challenges by developing smart monitoring solutions for transmission pipelines, roads, railways, and powerlines. With PIMSyS, Orbital Eye focuses on reliable and relevant monitoring information that helps to reduce the number of safety issues. It's based on space technology and provides a safe, reliable, and sustainable way to monitor your assets. At an affordable price, anytime and anywhere, secure and sustainable.

Pipeline integrity management from space
PIMSyS is a complete solution for reliable and cost-effective pipeline monitoring. It combines accurate and up-to-date monitoring data with smart tools for planned third-party activities and inspection planning. Developed as the core product of Orbital Eye, PIMSyS shows pipeline operators exactly where and when potential hazards occur.

At the heart of PIMSyS is our monitoring service, which delivers information packages to you regularly. This information shows all potential threats in your pipeline management area.

With PIMSyS it's possible to:
- Monitor pipeline assets anytime and anywhere, independent of the actual length of the pipeline system
- Detect safety incidents earlier and more effectively
- Analyze threats and manage third-party interference efficiently
- Perform evidence-based inspection: only inspect when and where there is evidence for potential threats
- Facilitate the communication between the office and field crews by sharing all relevant and up-to-date integrity management information

The suite is based on a data subscription service and comes with dedicated apps for desktop and tablet computers. The user interface of the software platform is designed to be powerful yet easy to use.

Our goal is to provide you with quality information services that are reliable and easy to use. Therefore, each PIMSyS subscription also comes with extensive support and a training session so we can guarantee you get the most out of PIMSyS. 

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TASSTA is a series of integrated technologies to offer a single solution: to enable a more effective communication through well-known features like Push-To-Talk, messaging, data service and GPS location tracking.

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Founded in 2006, ZAVIO has been one of the earlier surveillance companies focusing purely on IP. We have come a long way since then, and are now proud to present a wide range of new products that reflect our dedication to innovation, quality, and continuous improvement. We do not aim to be a leader on specifications, but to provide the best value for the money to our customers, and more importantly, we put customer service as our priority. This is why major brands worldwide have also chosen ZAVIO as their OEM/ODM partner and helped to make ZAVIO one of the world’s largest authentic manufacturers of IP cameras.

If you need IP cameras or surveillance solution that delivers superior video image quality, has durable product performance and is cost-effective than most, the ZAVIO surveillance products are the perfect choice for you.

Superior Image Quality
From the beginning, ZAVIO have been working on technology that can provide superior video image quality of network cameras. From a technical viewpoint, it is based on three points:
- Advanced image algorithms and image processing technology
- Progressive audio/ video compression technology
- Careful selection of appropriate image sensors, lenses and excellent integration capability.

With these features, that’s why many customers are surprised by the image quality of ZAVIO’s products as they experience it directly.

It’s always an important topic if a professional company can provide better and easy-to-use products for customers. Since our web-based video management software, EZvuu, was introduced in 2011, “Easy-to-Install” and “Easy-to-Use” are the missions ZAVIO wants to achieve. And shortly, you will see more ZAVIO products with this concept and make surveillance operation easy for everyone.

Professional and Valuable
ZAVIO aims at making IP cameras and surveillance solutions widely available and affordable by offering simple, durable, and on-demand solutions that bring quality to the broader scope of users.

ZAVIO’s Features & Benefits
ZAVIO has quickly obtained worldwide recognition for its innovative design and advanced technology in network video camera integration.
- Superior video image quality
- High-quality and reliable product performance
- Advanced integration technology and R&D capability
- Providing innovative and user-friendly solution
- Quick response to market requirements
- World-leading platform development and latest technology application
- Think integration and interoperation
- Superior video image quality

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Connect, communicate, and collaborate without compromise — Kerio’s award-winning products are tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. All combine powerful features with ease of use for business users and IT professionals. Our attractive licensing packages and the flexibility to run on many hardware and software configurations deliver enterprise-class functionality for a low total cost of ownership.
Kerio Connect Email - EMAIL + MORE

Enterprise-Class Email – Built for Your Business
Kerio Connect makes email, calendars, contacts and task management easy, and affordable. With Kerio Connect, you have immediate, secure access to your communications anytime, anywhere, on any device —without complexity or expensive overhead.

Your Business. Your Rules.
Choose full-featured Kerio Cloud email or manage your own Kerio Connect Server in-house. Either way, you get the reliability and robust functionality trusted by 50,000+ small and mid-sized businesses around the globe.

KerioControl - FIREWALL + MORE
Unified Threat Management Without Complexity
Protect your network from viruses, malware, and malicious activity with Kerio Control, the easy-to-administer yet powerful all-in-one security solution.
Kerio Control brings together next-generation firewall capabilities -- including a network firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway anti-virus, VPN, and web content and application filtering. These comprehensive capabilities and unmatched deployment flexibility make Kerio Control the ideal choice for small and mid-sized businesses.

KerioOperator - PHONE SYSTEM + MORE
An Enterprise-Class Phone System without Enterprise Complexity
Kerio Operator is a standards-based VoIP system that replaces your traditional PBX. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses, it saves you money and administration time while offering your users powerful capabilities.
You get the advanced call handling and routing typically associated with high-end phone systems, including:

Call Routing
Ring groups that send an inbound call to all extensions in a department
Call forwarding, that routes call to users’ offices, mobile phones, and other devices
Distinctive ringtones for local, external and ring group numbers
Customized call-queue audio messaging and auto-routing of calls
Call forwarding / Find Me that forwards calls to an office extension until the call recipient is located
Kerio Operator Softphone that allows users to make and receive office calls from iOS and Android devices
Direct outgoing calls based on the part of a dialed number (e.g., country code)

Call Handling
Auto-attendant to automatically answer incoming calls with custom greetings
Administrator-defined rules and menu structures -- including out-of-office hours and holidays
Call pickup that allows designated users to pick up calls to another user’s phone
Directed call pickup makes it possible to answer calls on a specific extension
Group paging that activates the loudspeakers in nearby desktop phones
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) support that allows users to monitor phone line status on their office phones
Call monitoring allows users with an access code to participate in active calls

User Productivity
Salesforce-phone system integration with click-to-dial and call logging
AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) Integration with other CRM systems
Voicemail to email via .wav files sent to user email addresses
The ability to set up extensions and access rules for large or frequent conference calls
Dynamic voice conferences let users create conference calls on the fly without predefined conference codes and PINs
Support for fax-to-email, PDF-to-fax, and T.38 fax machines
The ability to dial a desktop phone, access voicemail, configure phone options and view call history from the Kerio Operator client
Directory search that enables users to look up colleagues’ extensions from their phones
Call recording that records incoming and outgoing conversations on individual and conference extensions, call queues, ring groups, and paging
The ability to speed-dial the frequently dialed numbers, e.g., numbers of teleconference, meeting rooms and passcodes
Click to Call from Kerio Connect Client, Google Chrome & Firefox
Face to Face meeting experience with video calls

Password-guessing protection that blocks IP addresses after a specified number of failed login attempts
Anomalous behavior detection that alerts administrators to call durations and volumes that are outside limits
Encrypt calls on SIP phones that support Secure SIP

Built on the Asterisk industry-standard platform but with an easy web-based interface
Real-time reports on system health, in-progress calls, conference calls, and call queues
Auto-provisioning and auto-configuration when a new phone is plugged in
Auto-detection, configuration and extension number provisioning that works for Kerio-supported SIP phones
Built-In DHCP that auto-assigns IP addresses to VoIP devices
Remote performance and status monitoring via SNMP
The ability to archive recorded calls to an FTP server or
Automatic back up of system configuration, logs, certificates, license, call history, recorded calls, voicemail and custom files to FTP or

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Business Phone Systems

Hosted VoIP PBX
Get the power of a full-featured UC phone system, with the flexibility and ease of management from a cloud-based solution. Switchvox Cloud makes it easy and affordable to do more with your business communications.

On-Premises IP PBX
Looking for an end-to-end UC solution that offers enterprise-class features your business can afford? Switchvox is the best value for your business phone system - with the flexibility and power you need from a prem-based IP PBX.

Asterisk Custom Communications
Turn an ordinary computer into a feature-rich communications server with Asterisk open source software. Explore hardware and interface cards built for Asterisk and your VoIP projects. Download Asterisk to get started. 

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