Peplink in Africa

SD-WAN Networking Solutions for Africa's Markets

Networks in Africa may look similar,
but challenges are different

Combine the bandwidth of several mobile connections to form an ultra-fast data link. Sustain bandwidth-hungry and latency sensitive tasks without the need for fixed lines, such as rolling workplace with full access to multi-cloud and security services, HD video streaming and mobile clinic. Peplink, since its founding in 2006, has long focused on wireless SD-WAN technologies.

Peplink Market Specific Solution

Peplink Egypt - Transport Solutions


Improve your customer satisfaction with Peplink SD-WAN. Gathers vehicle data and enhance the operating activities of your business.

Peplink Ghana -  CBRS

CBRS Solution

Citizens Broadband Radio Service

Peplink South Africa -  Hospitality Solutions


Affordably provide quality Internet access for guests in remote resorts.

Peplink Uganda -  Healthcare Solutions


Provide on-site diagnosis by securely streaming patient data to the hospital.

Peplink Nigeria -  Farming and Utilities Solutions

Farming / Utilities

Network connectivity can be complicated without access to Fibre. 

Peplink Marocco -  Media and Film Solutions

Media & Film Production

Get from Imagination to Production Faster with SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN.

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