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SD-WAN Networking Solutions for GCC and Middle East Markets

The Middle East region has a very diverse connectivity landscape, from areas with 5G or Fibre connectivity to a wide area with no fixed connection whatsoever.

Peplink cellular range will boost your internet speed and deliver instant last-mile connectivity to any location covered by one or more cellular data networks. They work carrier independent, so you can choose a diverse selection of carriers and achieve the best coverage.

Middle East's 5G mobile networks have arrived in the big cities. 5G networks will theoretically reach speed as fast as 20Gbps. But actual network performance will depend on how the network has been built, and the reliability depends on factors like strength of signal and network congestion. Peplink has a wide 5G devices range for customers with special connectivity requirements.

With the first 5G networks in rollout in cities like Dubai, Riyadh, Qatar, or Doha, don't miss Peplink 5G device range. At total capacity, 5G will allow devices to operate at speeds ten times faster than current 4G networks and will have under 20 milliseconds of latency, making it lightning-fast for gaming & streaming, plus exceptionally responsive for business applications.

Peplink 5G devices

Peplink Market Specific Solution

Peplink Qatar - Branch Edge Solutions

Branch Edge

Achieve 99.999% availability and several times the speed of private lines at a fraction of the cost.

Peplink Bahrain - Retail Solutions

Retail Solution

Unbreakable POS connectivity. Connect kiosks anywhere with LTE.

Peplink Oman - Transportation Solutions


Improve your customer satisfaction with Peplink SD-WAN. Gathers vehicle data and enhance the operating activities of your business.

Peplink Jordan - Mining & Construction Solutions

Mining & Construction

Combine multiple cellular links to connect in days instead of months. Wide selection of outdoor-ready enclosures.

Peplink Saudi Arabia - Hazardous Locations Solutions

Hazardous Locations

Division 2 rated hazardous cellular routers are designed for situations when a hazard is present – typically used by the oil and gas, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Peplink UAE - Public Safety Solutions

Public Safety

Guarantee Mission-Critical Wireless Connectivity by Combining Private & Commercial LTE with SpeedFusionTM.

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