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Antennas & Industrial Networking Accessories

Get the accessory you need for a smooth and easy connectivity experience with Peplink designed accessories. Some enhance the functionality of your current device, while others just complement it. But there's only a handful of tech accessories that we really can't live without.

Peplink Antennas

High Performance Antennas

Perfect match for your indoor & outdoor deployments of Peplink.

Peplink Cable and Adapter

Cables & Adapters

Install your wireless deployments faster with dedicated cables and adapters

Peplink Power Supply

PoE & Power Supply

Need an additional PoE, power supply, power cord or power adapter ? Check what we have to offer!

Peplink Mounting Kit

Mounting Kits

Rack mount & ear mount accessories compatible with Peplink devices.

Peplink Accessory Products

Peplink Mobility Antenna
Peplink Maritime Antenna
Peplink Maritime Antenna

Each number and letter after the series name, has its own meaning and purpose. Here’s what it stands for:

⚬ The first number represents the number of LTE element
⚬ The second represents the number of Wi-Fi element
⚬ The third represents the number of GPS element

The next letter in the SKU numbering represents the RF connector type, there are 3 options for this: S-SMA male; Q- QMA male; N- N-type male.

The letter following this will simply represent the colour of the model: B- Black; W- White.

The final number will represent RF cable length ft: 1- 1ft/0.3 meters; 6-6.5ft/2 meters.

There are three length option of Puma Antenna:

⚬ Option 1 – 1ft/0.3m) For any short-range deployments between the router and the antenna

⚬ Option 2 – 6.5ft/2m) For middle range deployments.

⚬ Option 3 – 16ft/4.8m) For long range deployments,this will require a short pigtail (Puma-xxx-Q-x-1) plus an extension cable (EXC-xQ-15).

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