Peplink Transit series

Redefining Pro - Built and Certified for the Transportation Industry

Why settle for less advanced Wi-Fi, throughput and SpeedFusion speed?
Experience it all, but faster with Wi-Fi 6! Built from the ground up to fit the needs of transportation deployments. Features full certifications as well as vehicle-specific features such as ignition sensing.

 How fast is this device?

The MAX Transit Pro has a rated throughput of 1 Gbps. In addition, the LTE (CAT-12) modem has a 600Mb/sec downlink data rate and a 150Mb/sec uplink data rate. The LTE (CAT-7) modem has a 300Mb/sec downlink data rate and a 150Mb/sec uplink data rate.

Max Transit Pro

The MAX Transit Pro is an industrial-grade mobile workhorse. It has two embedded cellular modems, advanced GPS fleet tracking, dual-band Wi-Fi 6, and multiple power input options, making it ideal for on-the-go applications.

It’s got the power!

Achieve non-stop power for fixed deployments or on-the-go mobile deployments with duo USB-C power bank input ports. Equipped with a Micro-Fit power connector to secure your power source, ensuring that your device remains powered on with no outage. Believe it’s got the power!

Elevate the way you manage SIMs

Elevate the way you manage SIMs with eSIM support and sophisticated hardware like the SIM Injector. Manage SIMs more efficiently from anywhere, at any time..

Running applications just got easier!

  • Want to run third party applications directly with your MAX Transit Pro? 
  • Well now you can! With edge computing Docker and Python (Feature will be available soon.), the possibilities are endless!

Peplink Transit Devices

MAX Transit Pro with Computer MAX Transit Pro Package content
MAX Transit Pro on Couch MAX Transit Pro box

Integrated Captive Portal with Social Wi-Fi

The MAX Transit Pro comes with a customizable captive portal that allows passengers to log in with Facebook. As they log in, you can use InControl 2 to see insightful reports on user demographics.

Peplink Captive Portal
MAX Transit Pro Back
MAX Transit Pro Wifi 6
MAX Transit Pro Front

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