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The Peplink Cloud Advertising Delivery Service (also known as “Ad Delivery Service”) is a user friendly and intuitive SaaS subscription service with the option to enable in-browser ads and surveys on MAX routers and collect the data gathered in useful reports.

People today expect free WiFi in public venues. But what are the benefits for businesses? Free Wi-Fi helps you increase traffic and build loyalty. Better yet, it’s a great opportunity to earn revenue and learn more about your users. With the Ad Delivery Service, you can place advertisements before users connect to your Wi-Fi. You can show them a banner carousel, where they will stay for 10 seconds before connecting. You can also show them a video that they will watch before connecting.

Aimed at public Wi-Fi hotspots, the Ad Delivery Service enables you to publish advertising to customers using public Wi-Fi and get useful insights into your customer base.


The AD Delivery Service displays advertisements right in the users' browsers as they browse the Internet. Control the frequency in which the ads appear, and use geolocation to present specific ads in specific locations.


Using the AD Delivery Service, you can get clients to fill out a survey before they access the Internet. Survey answers are aggregated into informative reports in the AD Delivery Service's browser-based command interface.


When logging into your Wi-Fi, clients will see a pop-up window with a video advertisement. Clients will get Internet access only after seeing the entire video without skipping or closing the browser window.


Access informative reports from the AD Delivery Service's browser-based command interface. See which adverts are getting the clicks, as well reports based on your client survey responses.

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Social login

Peplink Social Wi-Fi currently supports the following social media and Internet account login methods: Facebook, Instagram, Google ID, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Sina Weibo.

No social media account? No problem. Peplink Social Wi-Fi Hotspot also accepts email addresses as a login method. Visitors are given an Internet access grace period of your choosing so that they can receive an email for verification with the hotspot.

Peplink Social Wi-Fi also supports the following login methods: Open Access, Guest Account, Token Access, and SMS via Twilio.

Grow your business by enhancing your visitors’ experience with free, no fuss Wi-Fi access. Using Peplink’s Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login, you don’t just give free Internet – you get something back in return.

Let your visitors sign in quickly using their Facebook account. Drive engagement by offering special deals. Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login is fully customizable and will display important information about your business’s Facebook company page.

Engagement insights

Compatible Devices

Picture of Peplink Balance stack leading the the peplink Balance range

Enterprise SD-WAN

Balance Series

SD-WAN for Enterprise Deployments of all Sizes

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Enterprise SD-WAN

ContentHub Series

Mobile Edge Computing

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Ultimate Connectivity

MAX HD Series

Mission Critical Connectivity

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